Mr. Anthony AKA “Popkorn”



Hip Hop Instructor 

Anthony AKA Popcorn is from Hartford, CT and has an extensive background.  His styles of dance are Hip Hop, House, Salsa, Stepping, Krumpin, Breakdancing, Lyrical and Freestyle.  Popkorn has won numerous dance competitions in both Connecticut and New York, including Showtime Live at the Apollo and most recently, put together a House Dance Conference Hip Hop Competition.  Popkorn has trained and taught at various dance studios, dance workshops and conventions.  He is also an inner city youth mentor for troubled teens, juveniles and is a group home motivator with over 10 years dance entertainment for Mitzvah’s, sweet 16, events, and shows. for all his dedication and work, his story was recognized front page of  the Hartford courant news September 3 2008 issue. from 2013 started going by p0plife… meaning Positive-0ringnal-Popular, surround yourself with positive energy, good vibes, art and Dance. 

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